The International Women's Media Foundation  is committed to helping journalists report more safely in an increasingly declining climate for press freedom, with threats to American reporters proliferating both online and offline. Each of the four-day Hostile Environments and First Aid Training, is designed for U.S.-based women, non-binary and  gender non-conforming journalists, and is tailored to the risks that they are facing. Our training philosophy is centered around holistic and identity-informed safety, which considers digital safety and mental health critical components of overall safety and acknowledges how an individual's identity informs their risk profile.  

In 2022, the IWMF will offer a series of HEFATS around the U.S. for journalists. We will select 16 journalists to participate in each training, prioritizing reporters who have not received prior security training, especially journalists from underrepresented backgrounds. The IWMF will arrange and cover travel and lodging for all participants. To learn more about our HEFAT courses, please visit our website here.  

We will accept applications on a rolling basis, but please note the following deadlines apply: 

For June 12-17* in Chicago, Illinois, the deadline to apply is April 24, 2022 (June 12 and 17 are travel days)

For September 11-16* in Los Angeles, California, the deadline to apply is July 11, 2022 (September 11 and 16 are travel days)

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.