Ends on September 1, 2019

ROAAAR is coming back to New York to offer a new emotional and physical resilience session. This two day workshop will take place in New York, from September 20 - 21, 2019. After a successful session in early 2019, we are now offering this as a two day workshop, which will include basic personal safety measures - with a focus on harassment and practical measures on dealing with street safety issues. This is open to all women - cis, trans and femmes along with non binary photojournalists - who have at least one year of full time professional photography experience. ROAAAR, supported by the IWMF, will select up to 15 photographers to participate and seeks to support those who have not had the opportunity to receive any form of safety training. This is not a replacement for more conventional HEFAT courses but will help to raise situational awareness and give you a comprehensive understanding of street smarts self defense and a deeper understanding of emotional resilience. We are unable to arrange travel and lodging for participants, however there is no fee for the training. 

The application period is from August 13 to September 1 via Submittable.