Promoting the work and advancing the role of women in the news media across the globe is critical to transparency and a diversity of voices. 

The Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists, the first funding initiative of its kind, enables the IWMF to dramatically expand its support of women journalists. Established with a $4 million gift from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the Fund will support projects including educational opportunities, investigative reporting and media development initiatives.

Funding rounds will open for applications two times each year; applications take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to process. Applicants may apply for concurrently for Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories and the Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists.

The second round of funding for 2017 will be open for online applications from June 19, 2017 - July 25, 2017 11:59 pm EST.

The fund was designed to help women journalists by providing grantees support to:

  • Expose under-reported but critical global issues
  • Undertake ambitious projects that challenge traditional media narratives
  • Develop field-based expertise and strengthen careers
  • Pursue training and leadership opportunities
  • Launch entrepreneurial news projects or acquire the skill to do so


  • Woman-identifying journalists from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply.
  • Professional Journalism must be the applicant’s primary profession.
  • Applicants must have three or more years of professional journalism experience.
  • Teams of journalists may apply, however the submission must be from a woman journalist and her team must include at least 50% women.

Please note: All answers and documents must be in English. Due to the high volume of applications we cannot answer questions by phone. Please review the application guide and frequently asked questions on our website prior to beginning this application.

All application materials are due via the online system before July 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Letters of support or recommendation will not be accepted with the initial submission.

The IWMF seeks qualified experts to review applications for our portfolio of programs. We receive thousands of applications each year for our unique funding opportunities for women reporters around the world; in 2017 we plan to award more than $300,000 in small grants in addition to fellowships in East Africa and Latin America.

You can support the IWMF’s mission by volunteering to help us select potential fellows and grantees with just a few hours each month. All you need is an Internet connection and a passion for supporting the next generation of media leaders. 

Ideal reviewers are journalists, academics, and/or professionals with an interest in supporting gender equity in the news media. Reviewers will be responsible for evaluating applications based on set guidelines and will review batches of approximately 30 applications per cycle on a rolling basis throughout the year. We are seeking reviewers for the IWMF’s programs including the Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists, the Reporting Grants for Women's Stories, the African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative and the Latin America Reporting Initiative, Adelante.    

En el marco de la iniciativa Adelante para incrementar la cobertura de la prensa de América Latina, cinco parejas de periodistas mujeres viajarán a El Salvador y Guatemala del 20 de septiembre al 7 de octubre de 2017. Las becarias comenzarán su viaje en la Ciudad de México, donde participarán de un taller de seguridad integral y primeros auxilios de cuatro días del 21 al 24 de septiembre. Después del taller, las becarias reportarán por cinco días desde San Salvador, El Salvador del 25 al 30 de septiembre, seguido por cinco días de reportaje desde la Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala del 1 al 6 de octubre. Durante el viaje, las becarias tendrán la oportunidad de reportar en equipo, trabajar en colaboración con otras periodistas y acceder a diferentes fuentes y sitios relacionados con sus historias. La posibilidad de viajes afuera de la localización central será analizado caso por caso y se determinará de acuerdo con los protocolos de seguridad de la IWMF. La IWMF le dará preferencia a equipos de periodistas que incluyen a al menos una periodista de América Latina y el Caribe.

La IWMF organiza el viaje y la logística en el país para todas las becarias. La IWMF también cubre los costos relacionados con la beca en el marco del viaje periodístico, entre otros, viaje, alojamiento, comidas y asistentes/intérpretes, salvo que el medio de prensa de algún periodista en particular desee asumir estos costos. Los costos de las visas también estarán cubiertos pero las becarias que viven fuera de los Estados Unidos son responsables de realizar los trámites para obtener las visas necesarias.

Criterios de elegibilidad 

Las candidatas deben satisfacer los siguientes criterios para calificar:

  • Mujeres periodistas de todas las nacionalidades en medios o freelancers con por lo menos tres años de experiencia profesional de trabajo en medios informativos. Las pasantías no cuentan. 
  • Periodistas que no son hablantes nativos de inglés deben tener un buen nivel de ingles hablado para poder aprovecharse de las capacitaciones.
  • Las postulantes deberán poder demostrar que cuentan con el apoyo del director de un medio o tener una reconocida trayectoria de publicación en medios importantes.

Instrucciones de solicitud

El viaje periodístico de la IWMF de otoño 2017 está abierto a equipos de dos (2) periodistas mujeres. Ambas candidatas deben satisfacer los criterios de elegibilidad y entregar una solicitud conjunta. Se ofrecen entrevistas de grupo a los equipos que están seleccionados. Individuos no pueden aplicar para esta beca periodística. Por favor tenga en cuenta que se dará preferencia a los equipos de periodistas que incluyen al menos una periodista de América Latina y el Caribe.

Para postularse, recomendamos que usen un correo electrónico compartido para crear una cuenta de Submittable y entregar la solicitud. Ambas candidata deben proveer sus datos personales y muestras de trabajo, además de entregar una declaración de interés, un plan de trabajo, un plan de publicación y una carta de respaldo compartida. Las notificaciones de solicitud enviadas a través de Submittable se van a la dirección de correo electrónico asociada a la cuenta.

Aceptamos solicitudes del 30 de mayo de 2017 – 4 de julio de 2017 a las 11:59 EDT (hora de Washington, DC).

Por favor tenga en cuenta la fecha límite. No siga el contador de Submittable.

Por favor vea un ejemplo de una solicitud seleccionada aquí

As part of the IWMF’s Latin America reporting initiative, Adelante, five pairs of women journalists will travel to El Salvador and Guatemala from September 20 to October 7, 2017. Reporting fellows will begin their trip in Mexico City, Mexico, where they will complete a comprehensive security and first aid training from September 21 to 24. Fellows will then depart for six days of reporting, based in San Salvador, El Salvador, from September 25 to 30, followed by six days of reporting, based in Guatemala City, Guatemala, from October 1 to 6. Fellows will have the opportunity to network with other journalists, report collaboratively with their teammates and peers, and gain access to a variety of sources and sites related to their reporting. The feasibility of day trips outside the base locations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and determined by IWMF security protocols.

The IWMF arranges travel and in-country logistics for all fellows. The IWMF also covers fellowship-related costs within the framework of the reporting trip including travel, visa fees, lodging, meals and fixers/interpreters, unless a selected journalist’s news organization wishes to assume these costs. Fellows living outside the U.S. are responsible for procuring all necessary visas for which they will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria
All team applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Affiliated or freelance women journalists with three (3) or more years of professional experience working in news media. Internships do not count toward professional experience.
  • Non-native English speakers must have excellent written and verbal English skills in order to fully participate in and benefit from the program.
  • Applicant must be able to show proof of interest from an editor or have a proven track record of publication in prominent media outlets.

Application Instructions

The IWMF's Fall 2017 El Salvador and Guatemala Reporting Fellowship is open to pairs of women journalists. Both applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and submit a joint application. If selected, teams will be offered group interviews. Individuals cannot apply for this reporting fellowship. The IWMF highly encourages tema applications that include at least one journalist from Latin America.

To apply, we recommend using a shared email address to create your Submittable account and submit your application. Each applicant must provide their personal information and work samples, in addition to submitting a shared statement of interest, story plans, plans for publication and letter of support. Application notifications sent through Submittable will go to the email address associated with the account. 

Accepting applications from May 30, 2017 to July 4, 2017 at 11:59 EDT

Please note the application deadline above. Do not follow the counter on Submittable. 

See a complete sample application here.

Program Assistant

The IWMF seeks two highly organized, solutions-oriented self-starters who thrive in a fast-paced work environment and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure successful program outcomes. The Program Assistants will be integral members of the IWMF staff, helping to implement high-quality programs in challenging environments. The Program Assistants will provide vital logistical and administrative support for the organization’s programs, including the IWMF’s two Reporting Initiatives in Latin America and the Great Lakes of Africa, which provide international and in-country reporting fellowships and journalism security training across twelve countries, and the IWMF’s two grant programs, the Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists and the Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories. They may assist with other IWMF programs, including the Courage in Journalism and Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Awards and the Emergency Fund. The Program Assistants will report to the Program Manager and the Senior Program Officer, and will work closely with members of the programs team as part of a tight-knit, collegial staff. The IWMF makes a concerted effort to promote from within. Program Assistant applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.

 Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Assist with travel arrangements and logistics for international reporting trips;

•   Assist in application and selection processes;

•   Conduct outreach to program applicants, participants, and alumni;

•   Assist with day-to-day tasks related to program implementation;

•   Draft program-related correspondence;

•   Conduct research on program topic areas and regions;

•   Assist in administrative and operational tasks;

•   Develop and track program calendars;

•   Assist in tracking program expenses;

•   Assist with program monitoring and evaluation;

•   Assist in social media and communications efforts;

•   Additional duties as assigned;

•   Some evening/weekend hours required. 


•   Excellent interpersonal communications and relationship skills, and an ability to work well with a variety of people and personalities across cultures;

•   Solid group facilitation and team leadership skills;

•   Sense of humor and ability to stay calm under pressure;

•   Self-starter who can manage and prioritize multiple programmatic tasks on deadline with minimal supervision;

•   Exceptionally organized and detail-oriented;

•   Strong and accurate writing and editing skills (examples of types of writing required include planning and research documents, program-related correspondence and reports);

•   Experience with programmatic monitoring and evaluation preferred;

•   Strong analytical and problem solving skills;

•   Sound judgment and ability to exercise high level of discretion;

•   Computer literacy: demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, strong internet research skills, Mac skills a plus;

•   Spanish or French language proficiency strongly preferred;

•   Basic photography skills a plus;

•   Familiarity with HTML/Wordpress a plus;

•   Adaptability and willingness to work in unpredictable environments including locations with challenging security conditions.

Minimum Requirements:

•   BA in Journalism, International Affairs or other relevant field of study;

•   One to three years of work experience, preferably in non-profit programs;

•   Willingness to travel up to 20% of the year;

•   Willingness to work in remote areas with limited infrastructure and amenities, including conflict and post-conflict zones;

•   Commitment to gender equality and an interest in news media and international affairs;